The USR PTO is proud to sponsor lunch programs for

Reynolds, Bogert and Cavallini students.

All changes/new orders will be accepted from Tuesday, January 16 until Thursday, January 18th at midnight.

Monday – Pizza Day – Lunch changes start on January 22nd

Tuesday – Pasta/Deli Lunch – Lunch changes begins January 23rd

Phil’s Pizzeria is our vendor for Reynolds and Bogert pizza.

Marc’s Deli is our vendor for Cavallini pizza and all of our sandwich and salad options.

Village Pizza & Pasta will be serving our pasta and mac and  cheese options.

FOOD ALLERGY WARNING: Please be advised that the cookies supplied by Shop Rite on Pizza Day may not be made in an allergen free facility and may contain these ingredients: milk, eggs, wheat, soybean, peanut and/or tree nuts or nut products.

Ordering Instructions:

To place a new order or add an additional slice to pizza lunch: 

Visit our site at: http://paperlesspto.keritech.net/Udr/index.cfm.

1. Log in and update your “To Do” list prior to placing your order.

2. Choose your child’s grade and teacher. For Cavallini students only, please use your child’s academic support teacher.

3. To place an order, press the “For Sale” tab and choose your child’s school and lunch you are ordering and enter the number “1” in the box.

To make changes to an existing lunch order:

1. All lunch changes must be emailed to usrptolunches@gmail.com.

2. In the subject line, please put your child’s name.

3. In the email, state your child’s grade, teacher, their current lunch item and the new item they are changing to. You will receive an email back letting you know we received your change and if there is a price difference or refund.

Options for Tuesday pasta/deli lunch are: ham, ham & cheese, turkey, turkey & cheese, roast beef, roast beef & cheese, cheese only, salad with grilled chicken, pasta with butter, pasta with sauce, pasta with sauce and meatball and mac & cheese.

To order No Fuss Lunch, please use the following linkwww.nofusslunch.com


Any questions or concerns – please email – usrptolunches@gmail.com