**PTO Membership Reminder**

Don’t forget to submit your USR PTO Membership Form and $40 payable to USR PTO for the upcoming school year.  If you submitted a class parent request form, please remember to submit the membership form. Only PTO Members are selected as a class parents.
Also, anyone who sends in a membership form and $40 before first day of school will be entered to win a $100 gift card to Savinis. The winner will be announced at the first PTO meeting in September.  If you have already submitted forms/money you are eligible as well!
Here’s the link to the membership form:
Feel free to contact me with any questions at usrptomembership@gmail.com


Amazon Smile! :)

Did you know the USR PTO has set up an Amazon Smile account??!!!

Be sure to pick Upper Saddle River PTO as your charity and always go to smile.amazon.com when you shop and the USR PTO will get a small donation from Amazon!  Here are instructions to get Amazon Smile on your homescreen of your phone to make ordering and donating even easier!


Have questions??? Email usrptofundraiser@gmail.com


Box Tops for Education

The PTO would like to ask anyone who has box tops for education to drop them off at any of the schools by Monday, June, 18th

Box Tops canboxtop_logo2 be found on all participating General Mills products.  Just cut the out, put them in a baggie and send them to school with your student.  Box Tops coupons are worth 10¢ each when our school redeems them from Box Tops for Education.

The VP’s of fundraising will be picking them up before the end of the year. 

Thank you for your continued support!



Class Parent Forms (2018-2019)

The link for the class parent forms for the 2018-2019 school year are below.  The deadline to return the form is Friday, June 22nd

Please remember to send in your PTO membership form to Sherika Medina and the Class Parent form to the respective contact on the form.




USR PTO Membership Form 2018-2019



Calling all parent volunteers! Be sure to attend the June meeting of the USR PTO to sign up for all PTO sponsored activities at Reynolds, Bogert and Cavallini. All volunteers and class parents MUST be members of the USR PTO. Membership is for one year only, so you must register again for 2018-2019.

Membership forms can be found at USR PTO Membership Form 2018-2019


Membership Applications for 2018-19 School Year

Become a Member of the USR PTO for the upcoming 2018-19 school year. Your $40 donation entitles you to receive a copy of the coveted student directory, as well as an opportunity to participate in PTO sponsored activities in the schools. Only PTO members can be selected as Class Parents or may volunteer in the schools. Your membership also helps fund the many programs and donations the PTO sponsors each year. If you’d prefer not to volunteer, your donation alone could be your valuable and much appreciated contribution.

Complete and submit the membership form below.

USR PTO Membership Form 2018-2019




The USR PTO is proud to sponsor lunch programs for

Reynolds, Bogert and Cavallini students.

All changes/new orders will be accepted from Tuesday, January 16 until Thursday, January 18th at midnight.

Monday – Pizza Day – Lunch changes start on January 22nd

Tuesday – Pasta/Deli Lunch – Lunch changes begins January 23rd

Phil’s Pizzeria is our vendor for Reynolds and Bogert pizza.

Marc’s Deli is our vendor for Cavallini pizza and all of our sandwich and salad options.

Village Pizza & Pasta will be serving our pasta and mac and  cheese options.

FOOD ALLERGY WARNING: Please be advised that the cookies supplied by Shop Rite on Pizza Day may not be made in an allergen free facility and may contain these ingredients: milk, eggs, wheat, soybean, peanut and/or tree nuts or nut products.

Ordering Instructions:

To place a new order or add an additional slice to pizza lunch: 

Visit our site at: http://paperlesspto.keritech.net/Udr/index.cfm.

1. Log in and update your “To Do” list prior to placing your order.

2. Choose your child’s grade and teacher. For Cavallini students only, please use your child’s academic support teacher.

3. To place an order, press the “For Sale” tab and choose your child’s school and lunch you are ordering and enter the number “1” in the box.

To make changes to an existing lunch order:

1. All lunch changes must be emailed to usrptolunches@gmail.com.

2. In the subject line, please put your child’s name.

3. In the email, state your child’s grade, teacher, their current lunch item and the new item they are changing to. You will receive an email back letting you know we received your change and if there is a price difference or refund.

Options for Tuesday pasta/deli lunch are: ham, ham & cheese, turkey, turkey & cheese, roast beef, roast beef & cheese, cheese only, salad with grilled chicken, pasta with butter, pasta with sauce, pasta with sauce and meatball and mac & cheese.

To order No Fuss Lunch, please use the following linkwww.nofusslunch.com


Any questions or concerns – please email – usrptolunches@gmail.com



Bogert Students Enjoy New Playground Thanks to USR PTO Donations



Welcome to Upper Saddle River PTO

Welcome to Upper Saddle River PTO

The Upper Saddle River Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) serves as a liaison between the parents and teachers of Upper Saddle River with one common goal in mind: to provide our children with the best educational experience possible.  Our by-laws state that the PTO is organized to “enhance cooperation between home and school so that parents, teachers and administration can work together effectively to ensure quality education; and promote the welfare of children in home, school and community; and unite educators and the general public in order to secure the highest advantages in physical, mental and social education for all children.”

What does this mean to your family? It means that we, as an organization, are continually looking for ways to enhance your family’s experience in the Upper Saddle River school system. We are there for you from Kindergarten registration through Cavallini graduation. It also means that the administration of the school knows that they have somewhere to turn when they need a job done.

The key to keeping the PTO a successful organization is the involvement of the entire school community. For some families, it simply means supporting our fundraisers. For others, it means serving lunch, being a class parent, chairing a fundraiser or serving on the Board. Your time and energy are the only limitations to the extent that you would like to be involved.

PTO Presidents